Nanchang China Marriott Hotel

Crowne Plaza Nanchang is one of the most popular hotels in China and the world and has become a popular destination for tourists and locals to explore and refresh themselves in the natural surroundings. YANG has spared no effort to create a hotel in a place with an effortless natural aesthetic, to make the interior of the hotel as beautiful as its exterior. By appreciating the sounds of nature, surrendering to the beauty of culture and discarding complicated styles and materials, they have sought the essence of space and created a natural inner wonderland.

Inspired by the beautiful landscape, YANG has used the full height white screens scattered in the lobby and inside the Crowne Plaza Nanchang Hotel to bring transparency and mystery to the lobby, offering future guests a natural, refreshing and calming environment to enjoy, refreshed by life and in tune with the sounds of nature they enjoy singing.

Nanchang is located in a subtropical zone and is constantly affected by the East Asian monsoon. It is known as one of the most important tourist destinations in China and hosts a variety of tourist attractions, such as the Great Wall of China. As an old Chinese poem says: "When spring rain falls on the bridge, willow forgets the green. With the use of light purple and dark blue a touch of verve was brought into the elegant room. The pattern of the carpets reminds of a beautiful bamboo grove, while the colour palette and soft furnishings are inspired by the energetic and colourful spring.

YANG has been inspired by the wonderful and mysterious nature and has created a unique and elegant guest room for business and leisure travelers. With this ingenious design, YANG allows guests to enjoy a spring-like and inviting lobby lounge all year round. As someone who has stayed at this hotel before, I am sure you have been told this by others, but what about you?

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The long duration of the campaign is a sign that hackers are seeking information for cybercrime, he said. A source said the investigation into the perpetrators was made more difficult by the fact that investigators suspect that several hacking groups may have been present on Starwood's computer network at the same time in 2014. It's very long - it's very long, "said Anderson, who was not involved in the Marriott case and is now a client at the Chertoff Group. will do everything to conceal the identity of its customers and the location of their hotels.

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Marriott made the hack public on Tuesday, prompting regulators in the US and UK to launch an investigation into the case quickly. The hack began in March after Marriott said requests for security clearances from tens of millions of employees, including those on security clearance application forms, were compromised.

Chinese hackers who suggest they may have been part of a campaign to gather information, the two sources said. If investigators confirm that China is behind the attack, it could complicate already strained relations between Washington and Beijing. US Secretary of State John Kerry, a former US ambassador to China, recently told reporters he believed Beijing was responsible for the hack, claims the US first made in 2015. China has emerged as the main suspect in the case, but sources warned that someone else may be behind it, as other parties have access to the same hacking tools that had previously been posted online.

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More About Nanchang