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The ubiquitous "Chinese dumplings" are everywhere in the Northeast, which is not surprising. Chinese cuisine during the growing season, which is based primarily on savoury dishes and preserves.

One of the most common is the classic scrambled egg with tomatoes, but ham, garlic, onions, peppers and a few other spices are also commonly used.

In most parts of China, chillies are a popular vegetable and are used to make the dish very hot. It's a bit like pancakes or egg-free crepe, but it's very Chinese and very good for you, especially for those of you who have a spicy taste for spicy food.

If you are vegetarian, just tell the waiter that you are not eating meat and he will whip it up for you, pork or beef. When ordering this dish, inform your restaurant or tour guide if you can't eat spicy food (where chi rou where).

When you order this crispy golden fish in Shandong, it will be fresh and the fragrant smell and sweet-sour taste will surely satisfy you.

Along with a bowl of rice, this is a classic Chinese lunch that will always fill you up and never let you down. Unfortunately, the diversity and uniqueness of Chinese cuisine in Chinese restaurants often disappear. There are not that many western restaurants around Nanchang and many of the dishes you will find there are genuine Western cuisine, most of which are tailored to local tastes. One thing is for sure, real Chinese food is different from what is served in most American or "Chinese" restaurants.

These restaurants vary in size and guarantee authentic flavors that are rare in Nanchang. Beijing is also famous for its street vendors and small shops in the city that sell famous dishes such as the famous crispy snacks from Beijing, the spicy pork bellies and the sweet and savory pork belly.

One of these dishes is the Lanzhou Pulled Noodles, one of the best dishes in Nanchang, which is baked with fried rice crusts. The best restaurants in Nanchangs are the famous restaurants such as the Chinese Restaurant, the most popular restaurant and the popular restaurant in Beijing.

The Chinese consider Nanchang to be a historical and cultural city, and it is the site of the first Nancang uprising in August. Legend has it that the famous traditional dishes of Shandong province are the Lanzhou Pulled Noodles, the Nachang Shrimp and the Bao Noodles, one of the best dishes in the city. Chinese and rise to fame in a small town on the Yellow River, but it was taken up in China during the Qin Dynasty, when the area that includes what is now Jiangxi Province, which includes Nancheng, was conquered by the Baiyue people and organized into Qin dynasties.

Jiangxi cuisine, also known as Gan cuisine (Gan Gan in Chinese), which is a short term term for Jiangxi in Chinese, offers a variety of dishes such as the Nanchang shrimp, the Lanzhou Pulled Noodles and the Bao noodle. With ample access to the flavor of seafood, provincial styles developed, and it is famous for its cuisine. Fried is the main cooking form, but most dishes are made with spices, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry and seafood.

Specialties include a clay pot soup called waguan tang, fried vermicelli and a few foods that are not spicy at all. One of the most famous is definitely the bridge over the Yunnan River, one of China's most popular tourist attractions and the main tourist attraction.

This is a staple food that can be found almost everywhere, but Xiangshan Bei Lu is particularly good, so try it. Mix soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and chilli in a bowl and finish. Ve has one of the best dishes out there. You can also prepare it so that no sesame paste is added, or you can try it at a quick roast or wok stand set up in the evening.

The best dim sum is found in Cantonese restaurants, as it is a traditional Cantonese dish. Of course, there are many other dishes, such as kao je, je cai, jia je (pecan roast duck) and je koa (pork belly).

Lung King Heen is one of two Cantonese restaurants to have three Michelin stars in Hong Kong, and this restaurant, which specialises in delicious ducks, is a guaranteed stopover on any Beijing tour. It was long the favorite of the Chinese emperors and is now considered one of the national dishes of China.

This special branch of Luyin Ge is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by various shopping malls and restaurants in the city centre. As in any other typical Chinese city, there are many bike lanes, some of which cover the entire city during the busiest period.

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More About Nanchang